About the Program

The Graduate Program in Zoology of the Institute of Biosciences of the University of São Paulo has as its primary mission the training of doctors and masters in zoology with an integrated view of biological diversity. To that end, our proposal is to provide: (1) a solid theoretical, practical and analytical instrumentation; and (2) an intellectually stimulating environment that fosters independence and critical thinking.

Masters and doctoral graduates from our program will be able to multiply this view, arousing the interest in zoological research, which will be reflected in the improvement of our knowledge about biological diversity, as well as in the planning and implementation of conservation strategies.

In the Graduate Program in Zoology, we advise, teach and conduct research in several interconnected areas: natural history, comparative anatomy, developmental biology, taxonomy, the study of phylogenetic relationships, biogeography and phylogeography, behavioral ecology and conservation biology. The high level of research conducted by masters and doctoral students of the program is a result of the Graduate Program in Zoology's commitment to the formation of their students.

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